Saturday, August 12, 2017

S. A. Gibson

I write people creating worlds with the ideas in their minds. My Protected Books series address survival through time.

My series of books and stories differ from most by bringing a sense of realism to a post-apocalyptic landscape. People must go on, build families, raise food, and survive in this future world. My stories follow the tales of librarians and others who live on the land and struggle together and each other in real ways, as people have in all of recorded history. I enjoy researching how people lived in the past, and imagining how we might respond in extreme circumstances in the future. Humans are wondrous creatures who surprises us at every turn. It is truly a joy to explore the twists and turns our characters can live through in our stories.

Author Blurb,
S. A. Gibson was born in South Korea, grew up in California and currently lives in Los Angeles with a spouse and a chihuahua-dachshund. S. A. Gibson writes Woodpunk fiction, and futuristic action stories. Having worked with computers and people, now happily crafts different worlds and fun characters and wondering how to save the heroes and heroines. When not writing fiction, or writing school papers, S. A. Gibson is blogging at the Experiences in Writing Wordpress blog.
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