Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Janie St. Clair

Why am I the next favorite author?
I combine thrilling action, wit, charming characters, and wisdom in a story that will leave you wishing it were real and thanking God it’s not.

What makes your books stand out from the crowd?
In Freelance Exorcists, science fiction and world religions collide!

Organized religions get a bad rap these days. Most of what we see in popular media are members of religious traditions depicted as dark and sinful, ignorant and naïve, or misguided and judgmental. However, there is another side to each religious tradition: life-changing wisdom, devotions that inspire love and understanding, and the tools needed to defeat the forces of evil.

The Freelance Exorcists Series gives each of the world’s most popular religions a chance to have their softer, more rational voices heard and their doctrines explained. At the same time, the reader will be sucked into a fast-paced fantasy plot of super-powered teenagers who vow to protect unsuspecting humans from the machinations of ancient, invisible, evil spirits. But where the reality ends and the fantasy begins, that is for the reader to decide.

About the Author:
Janie St. Clair has lived most of her life lost in another world. She was frequently trapped in a faraway galaxy, a parallel dimension, or an ancient civilization lost to time. From an early age, she expressed herself through the entertainment arts. Whether acting, singing, dancing, painting, or writing, she has always been trying to entertain and inspire others. She has also lived with a fervent passion for studying the religions of the world and discovering the common beliefs that connect us all. Her current project, Freelance Exorcists, seeks to marry her two passions into one thrilling tale.

Where can you buy the books? Book one of the Series, Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara, will be published this summer through Amazon.

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