Thursday, August 3, 2017

Book Spotlight: The Book of Ominiue

Earth has expanded beyond its own Solar System. The newest planet discovered shows signs of “true” alien life. Excitement rippled across the known worlds as the first wave of colonisation was sent. 

The native aliens had a legend. One day a people from the stars would come to their world. The prophecy foretold that amongst them would be one man who was not like the others, and this man would bring back their god from oblivion. 

Shayne Forrester was meant to head the civilian physics division, but he suffered a rare degeneration that stripped him of his colonisation rights. The moment the native aliens met him they held no doubt that he was the one. 

Forced between the prophecies of the new world and his duty to the colony Shayne embarks upon an adventure of discovery. With help from a native scholar he uncovers a world rich in culture and myths. A world that is vastly different from the one he came from, and constantly his understanding of the universe is tested as strange events unfold around him, forcing him into the prophecies and knowledge that his actions would affect not only the planet, but every colonised world.