Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Stephane Barr

I write great characters in difficult spots you can fall in love with. And cats and dragons, often in pivotal roles.

If you were to ask me my "interesting" writing quirk, I'd probably ask you which one you meant? The cats in every book? The dragons? The snarky humor? But, really, what's oddest about the way I write is that what comes out in the first draft is really close to what I have in my last draft. My subconscious does all of the work. That's convenient and saves a lot of time on editing—yes, I still miss stuff but it's more my fingers missing, not my brain—but also means I'm not one of those writers who can sit down and just write a thousand words every day on her favorite work in progress. If I try to force writing, what comes out is garbage. If I wait until my subconscious has cooked it up nicely and is ready to serve it, what comes out tickles the snot out of me. And usually not just me. I might not write any fiction for eight months and then pump out a novel in a month and a half while still working my day job. On the other hand, it does take over all my waking and free hours when the mood is on me. And more than once has woken me in the wee hours to pound out a short story or something.

Stephanie Barr is a part time novelist, full time rocket scientist, mother of three children and slave to many cats. She has three blogs, which are sporadically updated: Rocket Scientist, Rockets and Dragons, and The Unlikely Otaku. Anything else even vaguely interesting about her can be found in her writing since she puts a little bit of herself in everything she writes . . . just not the same piece. Keep up with new releases and events by signing up for my newsletter on any of my blogs or check out my author page on Facebook

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I have some beautiful covers, really and I couldn't choose, so here are most of them in one spot.