Friday, May 5, 2017

Four Steps

The best piece of marketing advice I have for writers is to provide a quality product for your audience.
Once you have created a book it is now time to prepare the manuscript for publication. The best advertisement you have for your book is the actual work itself. Providing your readers with a polished product will show them you care about their experience. Reviewers won’t mention professionally polished works, but they will discuss issues with editing, proofreading, format and lack of polish.

There are four steps to finishing your novel and preparing it for publication after you finish writing the story.

Step 1: Edit: Looking at the deeper issues in a text: Story structure, Point of View, Passive Voice, dialogue, continuity issue, etc.

Step 2: Proofread: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Sentence structure

       Step 3: Format: Margins, Font, spacing, links

       Step 4: Polish: Final read through to look for minor issues