Friday, February 17, 2017

Damon L. Wakes

Ten Little Astronauts is a tense, Agatha Christie inspired murder mystery set on board an interstellar spacecraft.

Author Blurb:
Damon L. Wakes was born in 1991 and began to write a few years later. He holds an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Winchester, and a BA in English Literature from the University of Reading.

Every year since 2012, Damon has produced one work of flash fiction each and every day during the month of July. He usually writes humour and horror, occasionally at the same time. Tackling so many stories with such a short word count has given him a knack for well structured narratives formed of tight prose.

When he isn't writing, Damon enjoys weaving chainmail. He began making chainmail armour ten years or so ago, but quickly discovered that there was no longer much of a market for it and so switched to jewellery instead. He now attends a variety of craft events, selling items made of modern metals such as aluminium, niobium and titanium, but constructed using thousand year-old techniques.

Damon's other interests are diverse. He has at various times taken up archery, fencing and kayaking, ostensibly as research for books but mostly because it's something to do.

Where can we buy the books? provides links for all my self-published books is the place to go for Ten Little Astronauts, which is currently crowdfunding with Unbound: if you want to read it, this is your only chance!

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The main one really would be the page for Ten Little Astronauts over on Unbound. This is the first time a publisher has got behind my work, so I don’t have a huge marketing department or an army of fans to help get the word out (though Unbound did very kindly spring for a promotional video filmed on board a submarine!). Please take a look, check out the first chapter, and if it sounds like the sort of book you’d be interested in reading, put in a pledge. You’ll be getting a copy for yourself, helping get my book off the ground, and as thanks for your support, your name will be recorded in the back of every edition.