About Your Next Favorite Author

This is where you will find Your Next Favorite Author. This blog is designed to introduce authors to the world and give readers a glimpse into their writing style. Each day will be an opportunity to learn about a new author or get a glimpse into an author's writing style. Sprinkled in the mix will be book reviews and updates on writing from the authors.

Here is the schedule:

Monday: Writing Prompt. I will offer a writing prompt. Authors will offer a small snippet of their writing just to tempt the readers with their style.

Tuesday: Author Profile

Wednesday: Ask a question day. I will pose a question for authors to answer. This will be a question about their life, their writing, their publishing or any other number of subjects.

Thursday: Book Promotion

Friday: Author Tip

Saturday: Grab Bag: Promotions, workshops, guest posts. announcements and many more.

Sunday: Day of Rest