About Your Next Favorite Author

This is where you will find Your Next Favorite Author. This blog is designed to introduce authors to the world and give readers a glimpse into their writing style.

The blog will offer the opportunity for authors to show a little bit of themselves.

Here is a rundown of the opportunities you will have to showcase your art:

Writing Prompts:. I will offer a writing prompt. Authors will offer a small snippet of their writing just to tempt the readers with their style.

Each week I will provide a thread for Author Profiles. Authors will share a little bit about themselves.

I will ask questions for authors to answer. I will pose a question for authors to answer. This will be a question about their life, their writing, their publishing or any other number of subjects

Mixed in with all of this will be Promotions, workshops, guest posts. announcements and much more.

Please leave comments on posts as they inspire you. Make sure you sign each comment with the following:

Your Author name
A link to your blog
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