Friday, May 12, 2017


      Occasionally you might pick up a TROLL. These are people who do everything they can to harm your product by giving you a 1-star review. They will frequently create fake accounts to do this in order to hide behind a mask. Usually they are other authors who feel vindicated in giving 1-star reviews as revenge for poor reviews (or no reviews) on their work.

So, what do you do about a TROLL? Simple, ignore them! TROLLS are in it for the attention. The belief is any publicity is good publicity. When you respond to the TROLL it feeds the bad behavior.

I have used TROLLS to my advantage. Every once in a while I will pick up a TROLL on one of my posts. I take a screenshot of the comments and post it in one of my other groups (with a link to the book). This draws attention to the book and motivates purchases.

If the 1-star review seems to be generated from a fake account you can report it. You can also ask your writing community to report the review.

Sometimes the site removes the review, but this doesn’t always happen. Most readers know how to recognize a fake review.

            So, the best way to counteract the negative aspects of a bad review is to:

1.       Improve/fix your writing.

2.      Gather as many reviews as possible so readers can assess the value of each review.