Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mercedes Prunty

I write what my characters force me to write, they believe their stories need to be told and I am just the ink to the pen, to the paper that is commanded to document it.
What I enjoy the most about writing is the first draft, otherwise known to me as the dream draft. This is because the whole point of the dream draft is to basically write down all what I see in my mind, I write every last detail that my characters tell me to and at that stage it is just a dream, it’s not a solidly formed book or manuscript yet. I also think of it as the dream draft because quite often when I am writing it I will dream about my new story when I’m asleep, different scenes, character dialogues and epiphany’s to the plot will all materialize there. To me this draft is all about creating the world I want to portray, editing and filling in plot holes can happen in the second and third draft. (Yes I like to do that many because I want it to be the best, polished piece I can produce). Once these are all done it is no longer just a dream but a reality, a new world, a new book I have produced.

Mercedes Prunty is a mother, wife, author, blogger and lover of all things Fantasy and Zombie horror. She lives in East Sussex in the UK with her two children and her husband. She first trained to be a hairdresser before having her children and realizing writing was her passion on her maternity leave. Since then she has written and self-published four books; The Keeper of the Key, Alone, Lone and Junia. She is currently writing the final book in the Alone series and plan to have it published in August this year.
Where can we buy the books? Amazon, CreateSpace, Ebay.  (Link to one of my books Junia) https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_rsis_1_5
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