Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kathryn Troy

Why are you THE Next Favorite Author?
I’m the Next Favorite Author because I’m writing books I want to read-fantasy, horror, romance. And I don’t think I’m alone.
What makes your book stand out from the crowd?

There are lots of genre authors out there – crafters of fantasy, horror, weird tales and gothic fiction. But how many have a master’s degree in it? Two masters, at that? I spent a lot of my academic training up to my eyeballs in the darker side of history – reading about beasts and witches, devils and monsters, in a million iterations all over the world. My nonfiction book, The Specter of the Indian: Race, Gender, and Ghosts in American Séances, 1848-1890, (being released by SUNY Press in September 2017) kept me for years among records of people of all classes that believed themselves to be haunted.
                        Looking for patterns, deeper meanings, and thematic connections is the most interesting part of a historian’s job. Especially one with interests like mine. Translating my background into fiction has been very liberating, because it can have a foundation in the most fascinating aspects and details of the strange and supernatural, without being constrained by that history. If anything, it can be a starting-off point, a place where I find amazing concepts. At the same time, I respect those deeper histories and folklores, and strive for a mood in my work that is authentic and takes the basis of my stories seriously. I believe that makes for more compelling fiction than the sort of loose-and-fast cobbling together of Wikipedia facts that are unfortunately all too common.
                        That sensibility informed by portrayal of vampires and hybrids in A Vision in Crimson, and continues to inform all my works, the number of which is steadily growing. The sequel to A Vision in Crimson, Dreams of Ice and Shadow, is almost completely polished, Up from the Bog is coming along nicely, and Notes from the Undead is waiting on yet another round of revisions. Vampires are some of my favorite things, so my fiction naturally gravitates towards them as a featured species, but I love werewolves just as much, so once some of my headspace gets cleared, they’re next on my agenda. And if there wasn’t at least one book about séances in my future, I’d think all my student loans were for nothing.

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I’m an A-type Personality, so there’s a list of hats that I wear. In no particular order, they are: writer, history professor, baker, wife, mother, gamer, avid reader, film aficionado, Francophile, blogger, gourmand, world traveler. I’m sure I’m leaving some out.

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