Thursday, May 25, 2017

Book Spotlight: Dreamscape

Set in a fantasy world full of sects fighting against each other, a man from an alternate dimension of the gods is sent to earth to save it from a threat it does not yet know. Khalos had powers he didn’t even realise, and when they awakened, they destroyed his world. After a fire, started from his rage, burned down his childhood home, Khalos’ innocence died in the ashes. He began a long journey to a city where he may be safe—and others may be safe from him--meeting up with a woman who worked with dark forces from the future. 
As the world is plunged into turmoil, Khalos and his link to the dreamscape is fought over by every side. Does he allow the machine from the future to awaken those in the realm of the dead? Does he follow the mystical Sisters and their quest to destroy the machine? And what about Ianthe, his wife and hidden servant of the machine and its worshippers?
In desperation, Khalos turns to the Sisters and begins his metamorphosis from human to a denizen of the dreamscape—where he came from before he was born. With his link to the dreamscape and its god, Watcher, Khalos journeys far from the woodlands and cities of his continent to the forests of the Sisters’ sanctuary, and finally to the snow and ice of the north pole to find a way to destroy the machine seeking the conquer them. On the way, he is captured by the Annukeim—alien servants of the machine—meets a girl who is dead, and befriends a gryphon from another world.
With this help, can Khalos end the machine’s domination once and for all?