Monday, April 3, 2017

Writing Prompt-Money or Barter

If the world governments were to suddenly collapse how would humanity survive? How would they obtain necessary supplies? Would humanity create a new monetary system or would it rely on a barter system?
Write a scene where a character needs to obtain some goods.
How would the character manage this?

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  1. In a story I'm currently writing called Train to Somewhere, in which an unknown cause brought down bridges, the electric grid and all communication, here's a partial scene late in the story:

    The week after the first time the perimeter alarm tripped, the leaves on the trees turned yellow and red, the wind picked up and the air became colder. I drove into town every day to work with Billy at his store, not that he had all that much to sell. His basement was now empty. He'd taken to selling produce from the area farmers and items the men and women in town had made.

    I say sell, but the truth was, we stopped using cash for purchases quite a while ago. Instead, like the pharmacist, we kept a running tab for the customers, sometimes trading items for other items. By that time, I knew pretty much everyone in Lynbrook, and they knew me, so it was easy to keep track of what people had to sell and what they were looking to buy.