Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tristan Vick

As my mother used to say whenever I’d ask a silly question: BECAUSE! All kidding aside though, why am I the next favorite author? Seriously…because.

What do you enjoy most about writing?
Telling stories. Creating entire worlds. Writing the kinds of stories that I want to read. I know there are authors who write for fans, write to market, and make good money doing it. They hone in on what’s popular and try to emulate it. And that’s what they enjoy. They find that finding a market that’s ripe for the picking, and they like the challenge of trying to figure out how to create something with mass appeal, and that’s fine. Great. But I enjoy telling stories for the sake of telling good stories. So I tend to write for me first.

That doesn’t mean I can’t target markets and tell stories geared toward those markets, but I don’t set out with the notion that I am going to write to market. And those authors who write to market, some of them write really great stories. But the danger is, when you’re emulating something too much, you might get criticized for your stories being too much of a pastiche, or being too redundant, where people will claim your just another Hunger Games, or a Harry Potter wannabe. There’s always a danger of not living up to other people’s expectations when you’re treading on the coattails of others who’ve gone before you. I’d like to think I avoid a lot of this familiarity because I focus on storytelling, not on hitting all the tropes just to satisfy a group of readers.

And while that kind of familiarity might be a draw to many genre readers, I think that it can also become a limiting factor where your readership begins to expect you to tell *those* kind of stories all of the time. And if you disappoint, they’ll ding you for it. Whereas, with me, you know you’re going to get a great character driven story, you know my stories are going to have strong female heroines, and you’ll go in ready to expect lots of genre bending elements. So the appeal of my books are stories that have all the stuff you’d expect of good storytelling, but with the unpredictability of not knowing what you’re gonna get. And that makes it fresh and exciting. That said, my only goal when I sit down to write a new story is I set out to tell the best story that I possibly can.

Author Blurb
Tristan Vick is the popular multi-genre author of the BITTEN, the Resurrection Virus saga, The Scarecrow & Lady Kingston, a paranormal comedic-noir, and a new fantasy series called Valandra.

Tristan Vick graduated from Montana State University with degrees in English Literature and Asian Cultural Studies. He speaks fluent Japanese and lives with his wife and three children in Japan. When he's not commuting on the train or teaching English, he spends his time reading, writing, blogging, binge-watching his favorite television shows, and eating sara-udon.

In addition to being traditionally published, Tristan Vick continues to self-publish under his own imprint, Regolith Publications.

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