Saturday, April 22, 2017

Creating a successful Social Media Group

I have established a number of successful groups on social media. Here are a few tips on establishing a successful group.
            When you establish your group you need to decide how much control you are going to have over the membership and posts in the group. There are people who create fake profiles for the specific purpose of adding clickbait to Facebook groups (most of this clickbait is pornography). The profiles look like real people on the surface and once they are admitted to the group they add other fake profiles as well. It is easy to lose control of this situation and your group is soon overrun with inappropriate posts. I eliminated this problem by activating the admin must approve members option in the settings of the group. I then check out the profiles of anyone requesting to join the groups. Sometimes this means members who really want to join the group don’t get to because their profiles look suspicious, but maintaining the integrity of the group greatly outweighs the loss of these few members.
Bloggers Helping Authors Group
1.       Establish a theme for the group

2.      Use compelling images for picture and header

3.      Write a compelling group description

4.      Establish Group Rules

5.      Manage members

6.      Manage posts

7.      Be active and interactive in the group