Friday, April 21, 2017


Branding is the marketing device of creating a name, symbol or design used to identify you. It is what makes you unique. As an author you need to create your own personal brand.

Your brand should be a short description of who you are accomponied by a clear image representing what you do.

Every one of your social media accounts needs to have an aspect of your brand prominently displayed.

In order to create my brand I had to look at my defining characteristics. I am an author and a teacher. Both of these traits are tied up into every aspect of what defines me. I am the guide and the learning, a never ending cycle. The Hero’s Journey in Literature figures heavily in my work with a strong emphasis in the cycle of Death and Rebirth. I choose the butterfly as my personal symbol to represent these concepts.

This tiny, fragile creature represents the many steps of the hero's journey as it transitions through each stage of its life-cycle. From egg to larva, where it molts away its old life as it grows, until it cocoons itself into the chrysalis where it completely transforms into a fully formed adult, only to start the cycle all over again with the next generation.

I love the beauty of these tiny creatures and they always seem to appear in the most unlikely of places.

A few years ago, my husband nearly lost his life to an infection. The nurse who was caring for him in the emergency room was wearing butterfly scrubs. He survived (minus a leg) and began his new journey in life.

Is there any greater symbol than the butterfly for who I am or what I write? The symbol of the butterfly is my personal brand.

What can you use to symbolize your personal brand?