Saturday, April 29, 2017

Blog Tours

Before you launch your book you need to build an audience. Creating a social media presence long before you launch is going to be the most effective way to attract potential readers. In addition to establishing your own social media accounts it is important to foster and create relationships with individuals who are talking about books and writing, especially those talking about self-published authors.

Build your Own Blog Tour

There are promoters out there who, for not a very small fee and ten copies of your book, will put your story in the hands of bloggers and reviewers. The bloggers will read and review the book and post on their blog.

If you cultivate relationships through social media prior to your book release it is possible to create your own blog tour.  

Create a list of review blogs. You can do this by asking members of groups you belong to for recommendations. A blog tour consists of being a guest on blogs. Schedule the posts as close together as possible and try for some variety in the types of posts.

For best results try for a ten day blog tour over a series of ten blogs. Share the links to the posts on your social media accounts. Encourage your followers to share the posts and leave comments.

Types of Blog Posts:

Book Review

Author Interview

Writing Sample

Character Interviews

Sneak Peak

Writing Tips

Call to Action


Inspirational Piece

Personal History