Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Question of the day?

What is your favorite genre to write vs your favorite genre to read?
I read just about every genre, but my preferred writing genre is Fantasy,
Do you want to know what's funny about that? None of my current published works are pure Fantasy. 
I have some Science Fiction, Paranormal and Literary Fiction, but no pure Fantasy.
Tell me about your genre.


  1. I mostly write in the speculative genres and seem to focus more on paranormal. I have even written some comtemporary. Most of what I read is fantasy with sci-fi a close second. I do make a point to branch out in my reading just to stay well-rounded.

  2. My published novel and novella are both fantasies with scientific overtones, but I also write mystery stories. I read fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, thrillers and books on writing. And my favorite TV shows tend to be science fiction.

  3. I prefer to read the same as I write - fantasy, most favorite being supernatural fantasy.