Friday, March 31, 2017

Frank Martin

Why are you THE Next Favorite Author?
I’m not afraid of boundaries and exploring new genres. Comedy. Horror. Sci-fi. Drama. My goal is to master them all.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
My most interesting writing quirk is probably that I treat writing like a puzzle.

My main problem when trying to write is time. I simply just don’t have enough of it, so in order to complete a project without having it take forever I have to write whenever and wherever I can. To accomplish this I carry around a cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard wherever I go. That way I can get words down when I can. In line at the grocery store. Riding in a car. At the doctor’s office.

That alone isn’t really a writing quirk, but when you add motivation into the mix things get complicated. Sometimes you just don’t want to write. The words don’t flow all the time. But I want to take advantage of the small moments I can write and not waste them. This leaves me writing down random parts of a story as inspiration strikes. It could be an opening to a chapter or a line of dialogue. Anything that hits me at any particular moment.

Sometimes when I get a character’s dialogue going I might just finish it before I get any other words down. Then I go back later and fill in all the actions, sort of like a fill in the blank. Sometimes I might have written some of the dialogue or even a character description for a chapter weeks before I start it and have to fit it in with what I just wrote.

So in those ways, writing to me is like a puzzle. I write all these different pieces of a chapter at different times and have to fit them all together. It’s a construction project.

Author Blurb
I’m a prose and comic writer that always enjoys exploring new genres and mediums. Over the last year I’ve had both comic and prose shorts featured in several anthologies including Stitched Smile Publications’ Unleashing the Voices Within and the indie comic collection Torsobear. Volumes one through three of my comic anthology series “Modern Testament” are available from Insane Comics. I also have a dual novella recently released with Burning Willow Press. I currently live in New York with my wife and two kids.

Where can we buy the books?
My prose work can be found at: 
My comic work with Insane Comics can be found at:

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