Thursday, March 2, 2017

Book Spotlight: Zombie Tetherball

Liz Walden likes a good to-do list, a well-organized dishwasher, and everything in its place. Unfortunately, the zombies have other plans.

At the beginning of a mysterious plague in Copper Creek, Colorado, fiver strangers end up stranded together with no phones, no electricity, and no contact with the outside world. At first, it’s about survival, but eventually they have to battle the elements, the undead, and each other.

Zombie Tetherball is a fun, fast-paced story that turns zombie tropes sideways. Get comfortable, because you may just blast through this whip-smart book in one sitting.

"Liz stumbles backwards against the break room counter. The thing in the navy blue suit and tie comes at her again, wading through the plastic and metal chairs, not bothering to push them aside, just moving through as if in a deep pool. It makes faint gasping sounds like it is running out of air, which is all the more terrifying because it’s not running out of air, not stopping—it just keeps coming. Liz’s eyes, seemingly all pupils, frantically dart about the room. By the flickering fluorescent lights she scans the room, searching for something to grab for defense. Doughnut box? No. Magazines? No. Coffee machine? Maybe. Silverware drawer? Go for it. She lunges for the drawer, opens it, and grabs a handful of what looks like, to her dismay, a medley of plastic serving spoons, remnants of catered lunches past. She looks up at the thing, now mere feet away. Her heart is pounding and all she can think is fight, fight, fight. The thing lunges at her, all snapping teeth and spindly fingers. Liz swings the utensils wildly up at its face just as it bowls into her. She screams as they both go down, upending more chairs. Liz cracks her head on the edge of the counter, then hits the ground, landing hard on her tailbone; the thing follows on top of her. The last thing Liz sees are two grey, foggy eyes, still as marbles, and then she blacks out."