Monday, February 6, 2017

Writing Prompt: Night

Night falls
The moon is full and hangs low in the sky.

What happens next?

from: Feeder: Chronicles of the Soul-Eaters
It was easy to slip down the dock and on to a container ship without the guards noticing me.  I was fast and quiet and most guards are too lazy to explore the ships much beyond the furthest edge of their flashlight beam.  Leaping from one barge to the next, I made my way to the last ship in the yard.  I found a short stack of containers in the middle of the barge and, rolling up my sweatshirt as a cushion for my head, stretched out on top of the cold, metal surface. 
I relaxed my body into the power of the energy I had just consumed.  The sound of the river was soothing and rich, pushing the weight of the city off my shoulders.  I was far enough away from the city lights to actually see some stars.  The legends tell of Were losing control of their human form and hunting indiscriminately through the night.  I never felt the effect of the moon and I have never lost control on a hunt.  Simply put, the reason I hunt more often during the full moon is it’s easier to see when the moon brightens the landscape.  More humans are out and about during the full moon.  Stupid humans doing stupid things make easy hunting.  Thieves climbing on rooftops are my favorite.  It’s easy to make it look like they slip off the roof and broke something vital.
I licked my lips, remembering the taste of the man and the strength of his energy flowing through me.  His death would be ruled a sudden heart attack.  Such a shame for a healthy-looking young man.  It’s not hard to stop the electrical impulse from the brain to the heart when you have such an intimate connection to the body.  I didn’t need skin-to-skin contact to drain a person of their energy, but it was easier to control the manner of death if I actually touched their skin.  It also gave me more control over timing of the feeding.  I didn’t like to drain them too quickly.  Drinking energy too fast gave me headaches and could sometimes bring on my seizures.  Besides, the type of prey I hunted usually deserved long, lingering deaths.