Saturday, January 14, 2017

Writing Tip — Details

You know the saying — "The Devil is in the Details"

Well, for this blog it's true.

Reflect on the purposes of this blog. It is here as a way for you to demonstrate to a larger audience why you should be their next favorite author.

Imagine this scenario:
A reader is drawn to this blog because they see one of their favorite authors is profiled here. The reader scrolls through the comments or other posts and suddenly a well-written piece stands out. This prompts the reader to explore another author and then another.

This is your chance to really stand out. Let readers know what you have to offer.

It's OK to put yourself out there and let potential readers know your writing.

Give readers a glimpse of your writing style. Post a short piece of writing in the comments below.

Is This All There Is
Is this all there is?
This moment in time?
This fixed point?
This existence?
Time starts from a fixed point.
You are here.
Where do you want to go?
There is one path.
The light is bright and you can see where you place your feet.
But the way is rocky and tree roots crisscross the ground.
There is another path.
Where your eyes fall it is smooth and well maintained.
But it is shrouded in shadow and mist.
There is another and another and another.
Which reality will you choose?
Lucinda Moebius

April 9th 2016