Saturday, January 7, 2017

Writer's Workshop-Blurbs

Let's discuss book blurbs today. Do you have a blurb you need to work through?

I am working on the second book of my Paranormal series. The title character of the novel is a young man who is just discovering he was born into a tribe of monster Hunters. He has been gifted with the power to track and bind the monsters until his companion, a member of the Warrior tribe can kill them.

He faces a moral dilemma because until he discovered he was a Hunter he was training to become a priest. He holds all life sacred and participating in this specialized hunt is making him question his core values and beliefs.

It is the classic Hero's Journey, lost child trope, but with a few unique twists. i want to avoid cliches in the blurb.

Post your ideas in the comments.

Post your blurbs in the comments. let's see if we can workshop and help each other out.