Saturday, January 7, 2017

Writer's Workshop-Blurbs

Let's discuss book blurbs today. Do you have a blurb you need to work through?

I am working on the second book of my Paranormal series. The title character of the novel is a young man who is just discovering he was born into a tribe of monster Hunters. He has been gifted with the power to track and bind the monsters until his companion, a member of the Warrior tribe can kill them.

He faces a moral dilemma because until he discovered he was a Hunter he was training to become a priest. He holds all life sacred and participating in this specialized hunt is making him question his core values and beliefs.

It is the classic Hero's Journey, lost child trope, but with a few unique twists. i want to avoid cliches in the blurb.

Post your ideas in the comments.

Post your blurbs in the comments. let's see if we can workshop and help each other out.


  1. Blurbs are everybody's favorite thing, aren't they? I batted this one around on facebook and my blog a few weeks back in preparation for my new fantasy series, starting soon with A Vision in Crimson. There's always the risk of overthinking, over-editing, but we all want the one shot we get to hook readers to be perfect. So here's my shot:

    Katelyn knows her magic is risky, but Icaryan light is fading fast and she is desperate. Returning to Earth, she crosses paths with Luca, a rogue vampire hybrid. Their weary hearts sparked by passion, Luca forsakes his own quest to root out his father and dives headlong into a world teeming with magic and danger.

    But his father has not forgotten him.

    A Vision in Crimson is the first installment of a new epic fantasy blistering with romance and Gothicism.

    So?? can this be perfect-er-er?

  2. Blurbs are so hard! I like yours Kathryn. For Lucinda, my suggestion would be to include something about the MC wondering who the real monsters are.