Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Question of the day

When do you do your best writing?

My best writing always takes place between 1 AM and 4 AM. I don't know why this is. Maybe it's because it's always so quiet at that time of night. There are no distractions to keep me away from the thoughts boiling around in my head. The quiet is inspirational.

I've always been a night person. When I was a kid I used to keep a flashlight under my pillow so I could read under the covers late into the night. When I was a Nurse's Aide I always worked the night shift. All the interesting things happens at night. Especially nights where there was a full moon.

I remember one night I was walking down the hall checking patient's rooms when I caught the glimpse of a woman standing at the foot of one of the beds. She was dressed in a hospital gown with those funny booty socks on her feet. Her white hair was short and permed into those curls you tended to see on all older ladies.I think she was close to six feet tall and skinny.

When I turned to go into the room to help the patient get back into bed there wasn't anyone at the foot of the bed and both of the patients in the room were both in bed, asleep. Neither of these women looked like the woman I saw.

Although I did tell the other staff about it, I didn't write it in the nightly report.

Maybe it's not just my imagination that speaks to me at night.