Thursday, January 19, 2017

Book Spotlight: The Shining Ones

Ever feel you're different from other people?

For police officer Tessa Holly, it’s not a feeling; it’s a fact. She can change her body any way she chooses. She will never grow sick or old.

Born a descendant of Ireland’s magical Tuatha dé Danann (Clan of Danu), Tessa expects to follow her clan’s Rules in all things—friendships, career, even marriage. 

But when her brother and a human girl are seized by enemies bent on stealing Danann longevity, the Rules don't help. To rescue the captives, Tessa must rely on a man no one trusts as her guide through cairns, castles and cathedrals of Ireland and Britain in search of her people’s greatest treasures. 

Along the way, she discovers a power greater than all others. If she uses it, she could save—or destroy—her people.