Friday, August 18, 2017

Ways to Increase Interaction on Social Media

In order to engage your readers you need to create at least three quality, substantial posts per day on each of your active Facebook pages. (These are groups and pages you created yourself.)
Each post needs to include a call to action. A call to action means your readers will be motivated to do something in response to the post. For example: click on a link, answer a question, give feedback on your writing, share a story, share a writing sample, join you in an event, respond to a prompt, give advice. The list can go on and on, the point to the post is to engage your reader.
In addition to three substantial posts a day you need to post promotional links to the following:
·       Books
·       Website
·       Facebook pages
·       Blogs
·       Amazon page
·       Any other sites where the reader can find information about you.
Rotate through these so you are posting at least one link a day.
Now, let’s discuss the types of things you can post to create quality posts.
First: Posts should be short. Most readers scroll past longer posts unless you have already created a relationship with them.
Even with longer posts make sure you open with a sentence designed to catch the readers’ attention. This one sentence will make them realize they need to stop scrolling and read the entire passage. If you have a long post, considers turning it into a blog post and sharing it in a link.
Second: Each post needs to elicit some sort of response from your reader. The post should spark an emotion or cause them to want to say or do something in direct response to what you have to say.
Images are helpful when posting. It will catch the eye of the reader as they scroll past.
Suggested post
·       Writing prompt
·       Sample of your writing
·       Progress report on your WIP
·       Share something you love and explain why
·       Writing Tip
·       Promote your book
·       Share an inspirational quote
·       Ask a thought provoking question
·       Share a compelling memory
·       Give a promo tip
·       Share a link to an article
·       Use images to prompt discussion
·       Tell about a lesson you learned
·       Explain what your audience will gain from following you or reading your books
·       Talk about your brand
·       Talk about your writing
·       Share your struggles
·       Ask for reviews
·       Talk about mistakes you made
·       Celebrate your successes
All of these work as Tweets if they are short enough.
Try to create 10 unique tweets a day.
Possible tweets:
·       Inspirational quotes
·       Images
·       Writing tip
·       Promo tip
·       Link to book
·       Share article
·       Ask a thought provoking question
·       Ask for advice
·       Start a discussion
·       Writing update
·       Link to a blog
·       Ask others to share their story
Blog at least once a week. Blog posts should be between 250-500 words. They need to be edited for content and grammar.
Any one of the topics listed in the Facebook and Twitter feeds can be expanded to create blog posts.
Here is a list of possible blog posts:
·       Excerpts from your writing
·       Book Reviews
·       Writing, publishing or promotion ideas
·       Writing Prompts
·       Author interviews
·       Memories
·       A serial story
·       A message from your brand
·       A life experience
Gather content for your Social media feed by searching for the following topics:
·        Questions for authors
·        Writing Tips
·        Writing Memes
·        Writing Prompts
·        Writing articles
Save the links, images and print out what you can.
Post three substantial Facebook posts a day. Create 10 tweets a day.
Here are seven days of Facebook posts. Rotate through the posts each week. Change up the days so you aren’t developing a boring, predictable pattern.
1.     Writing Prompt
Author Question
2.     Promo tip
Something about your writing
3.     Writing Tip
Link to article
4.     Author Question
Ask to share a piece of their work
5.     Writing Tip
A step in your writing process
Excerpt from your writing
6.     Promo Tip
Share a story
7.     Author Question
Link to Article
Request for advice

These are all ways you can create interesting and interactive content on your social media. These all show readers what they will get from you. Once they relate to you as a person they will show an interest in your work.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Book Spotlight: The Case of Mokki

The Chaos of Mokki

Mokii is a city that exists only in the minds of its inhabitants. It’s not easy to get past the bouncer but once Olga is inside she has to fight off intruders eager to take over the city for the lucrative virtual advertising.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017



Why are you the next favorite author?
I build different but believable worlds. I refresh minds with strange ideas which are not so very far away from reality.

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?
I never “became” a writer, nor did I ever “want to write”. Shortly after I cut back on my working hours, I awoke one morning, went immediately to my personal computer and began to write down a story. There was no planning, no sense of direction involved. I just pulled open a certain mental door, and through it came a story. Quite a long story as it happened, but within three months I was able to tell a friend, a retired publisher’s editor of great experience, that I had written a novel.
“No, you haven’t,” came the response, “and don’t give it to me. This is where your real work as a 21st-century writer begins. I’ll tell you one thing to get you started: “Cut! Cut! Cut!”
He was so absolutely right! I’ll not invite tedium by describing what I did to get the book accepted as readable material, but now I realise all the mistakes I made—oh, don’t I realise! However, I have slowly gathered experience, and now I am almost ready to re-launch that first novel, and its companion. I can only say they have changed—considerably changed—from when my editor friend set me on what turned out to be the right road.
This is a manifesto I composed for myself one day when I was wondering about the whole writing world and why I am here, right in the middle of it, and likely to remain so.
My stories open portals into other universes. They are not windows to look out of, but doors to walk through. They are star-gates and meta-light travel; they activate the imagination and sense of wonder that such things can be. My stories exist because the human mind will always look beyond what can be known.
Then there are the characters. Don’t get me started on the characters…

About Judith Rook
Judith Rook was born and raised in rural Yorkshire in the UK. The nearest city was Bradford, the great centre for wool processing, but she remembers fields running up to moorland much more clearly than mill chimneys. Now she lives in Western Australia.
Judith’s early writing was done in old accountants’ ledgers which had blank sheets interleaved with balance sheet pages. She wrote on the balance sheet pages as well. Not thinking of becoming a writer, Judith wrote whatever she felt like writing—stories, poems, plays, reflections. Then life intervened, and her literary imagination went underground. For some time, she worked in education and wrote articles and reviews about music.
After a few years, Judith began to write fiction. Recording ideas which had been bottled up for a long time, she thought that she had become an author. When rejection notices came in, she joined two writing groups, developed her technical skills and learned how to write stories for other people.
Judith has always read avidly, and she still does. Science Fiction is her favourite genre for reading, then come the great classics of literature.
Among her favourite Sci-Fi authors are: Isaac Asimov, Ursula K.Le Guin, C.J. Cherryh, Arthur C. Clarke, Phillip K. Dick and Julian May. Judith also writes short stories, generally about ordinary Australian life.
From time to time, Judith rallies around important social issues and has been known to take to the streets in support, so long as there are good caf├ęs along the way.

Where my books can be bought
Planet Woman
Man of Two Planets
First Steps for a Hero

Online Links

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Shakyra Dunn

Why are you THE Next Favorite Author?
~I am THE next favorite author because fantasy blends with reality all too well, and I am a prime example of why it needs to be known!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I have always crafted stories in notebooks from a young age, but it wasn’t until I was fourteen years old, primed to becoming an obstetrician, and looking back on these simplistic tales that I had the idea to try writing again. I was more skilled at putting pen to paper thanks to my academics, what harm would it have done to write a story in my down time? I take a lot of inspiration for my works even now from the stories and characters presented in video games, so I decided to start there. The chance became an obsession before I realized it, and it didn’t take me long to become hooked on the craft all over again.
My goals changed—more like evolved into something greater than myself. I could save lives through creation, through the hearts of others deep inside of myself. My dream to become an author only grew the older that I got; it was always there. Nine years later, here I stand with two published books, a third on the way, and the craft ever changing before my eyes.

About the Author:
Shakyra Dunn can't stray away from the impression that there is always an adventure around every corner! When she isn’t playing the role of the Creator, she is marching through the worlds of her favorite video game characters or taking drives around her city to see the sights. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she currently resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, striving to experience more than the little town.

My books can be found here!
The One Left Behind: Magic:  
First Words: Final Lesson:

And my social media links continue to grow!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

S. A. Gibson

I write people creating worlds with the ideas in their minds. My Protected Books series address survival through time.

My series of books and stories differ from most by bringing a sense of realism to a post-apocalyptic landscape. People must go on, build families, raise food, and survive in this future world. My stories follow the tales of librarians and others who live on the land and struggle together and each other in real ways, as people have in all of recorded history. I enjoy researching how people lived in the past, and imagining how we might respond in extreme circumstances in the future. Humans are wondrous creatures who surprises us at every turn. It is truly a joy to explore the twists and turns our characters can live through in our stories.

Author Blurb,
S. A. Gibson was born in South Korea, grew up in California and currently lives in Los Angeles with a spouse and a chihuahua-dachshund. S. A. Gibson writes Woodpunk fiction, and futuristic action stories. Having worked with computers and people, now happily crafts different worlds and fun characters and wondering how to save the heroes and heroines. When not writing fiction, or writing school papers, S. A. Gibson is blogging at the Experiences in Writing Wordpress blog.
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Friday, August 11, 2017

Sarah Woodard

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I think I’ve always known. The most vivid memory is in the fourth grade I was assigned to write about what I want to be when I grow up. I interviewed a children’s author at one of the local libraries and wrote a paper called “Why I Want to Be a Writer and More.” I still have it!

Author Blurb,
Sarah Woodard is a writer and shaman. She hopes to inspire children and adults to reach for their dreams through her writing. Sarah is a freelance writer for a variety of businesses and publications, fulfilling a life-long dream to be a writer. She lives in Nashua, NH with her cats. When she’s not writing, Sarah enjoys hiking, crafts and putting her personal touch on her home.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ed Charlton

Ed says: My books have a light sense of humor. So much sci-fi is too dark and readers are ready for a change. And aliens are cool.
              What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I have a large collection of action figures. Recently I’ve corralled them into the 1/6 Scale Acting Company. They provide a whimsical take on life, the universe, and writing. They also don’t get paid much.

·         About the Author
Ed Charlton grew up in England and currently lives in a former colony.
After many years toiling in corporate data systems, he branched out into writing and, subsequently, to providing publishing services to independent authors through his company Scribbulations LLC.
Ed owes a debt of gratitude to all in The Write Group based at the Montclair Public Library in Montclair, NJ. He is a member of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County and the founder of The Write Group: Kennett Square, PA.
He has a reputation for asking, in the middle of long BBC dramas, “When do the aliens land?”

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bree Moore

I’m the next favorite author because I take the reader through an emotional experience and bring out the desire to create in others.
What do you like to do when you're not writing? I am a multi-passionate woman. When I’m not writing, I help women have their babies as a birth doula and midwifery assistant in my community. A birth doula is like a coach, I give emotional and physical, non-medical support when women go into labor. The experiences I have are intense, and definitely show up in my writing. In addition to being a doula, I love to read (surprise!), enjoy learning about natural forms of healing like herbs, energy work, and essential oils, and I’m a mom of four, a job I truly love. 
About the Author:
Bree Moore has been writing fantasy since the fourth grade. She lives in Ogden, is wife to an amazing husband, and the mother of four children. She writes fantasy novels between doling out cheerios and folding laundry.

"Woven" is Bree's first published novel, the start of what she intends to be an epic writing career. 

In real-life, Bree works as a birth doula and midwife's assistant, attending women in pregnancy and labor, which is huge inspiration for her writing.
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Nick Sutcliffe

The family crest of the House of Kanta

Bolfodier is a unique world that every reader should experience to show them the exciting possibilities of fantasy.

The thing I enjoy most about writing is the escapism. Putting myself in the mindset of my characters, while listening to my favourite music to set the mood, allows me to transcend myself and concern myself only with the problems of the characters and worlds in which I create. I live vicariously through these characters and achieve my life goals through them, so I don’t feel like such a failure.

Growing up about an hour north of Toronto, Nick Sutcliffe led the life of the typical high school loser. This in turn led him to delve into reading and writing fantasy as a means to escape the mundane boredom of daily life. Going to school for drama in Windsor, Nick found solider footing as he forged his path as an entertainer, writer and the self-proclaimed king of procrastinators.


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       (The Kanta Chronicles book)
       (me personally)

        Website Address:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Robin Praytor

Robin Praytor is the author of TRANSMUTED, the first book in the Dark Landing series, and a 2017 KindleScout selection.
Robin spent her corporate days drafting legal documents and creating training materials. To distract from the deadlines and to-do lists that kept her awake at night, she thought up detailed plots and interesting characters. Those complex and quirky stories demanded written versions. Thus, her debut novel, TRANSMUTED, finally saw daylight. A Michigan native, Robin now lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her patient and long-suffering husband. She is a card-carrying geek and Comicon aficionado, with a penchant for science fiction and the paranormal.

I write what I want to read, wherever my mind goes—always someplace unpredictable, filled with fascinating characters.”

What makes your books stand out from the crowd?

My books (I use the plural because the second in the series, COLLUSION, will be available soon) are science fiction in the sense they take place on a space station, there are aliens, and the future world is liberally sprinkled with bits of hard science and technology. But my readers soon learn the stories are driven by sometimes flawed, always three-dimensional characters with rich backgrounds. The added dimension of space is the source for mystery and adventure—and humor—but never the main focus.
To learn more about Robin and TRANSMUTED, book one of the Dark Landing series, visit:
            Robin Praytor, Facebook Author Page
            On Twitter @robinpraytor
            And on GoodReads

            Subscribe to Robin’s blog: DISCLAIMER: I COULD BE WRONG