Thursday, May 25, 2017

Book Spotlight: Dreamscape

Set in a fantasy world full of sects fighting against each other, a man from an alternate dimension of the gods is sent to earth to save it from a threat it does not yet know. Khalos had powers he didn’t even realise, and when they awakened, they destroyed his world. After a fire, started from his rage, burned down his childhood home, Khalos’ innocence died in the ashes. He began a long journey to a city where he may be safe—and others may be safe from him--meeting up with a woman who worked with dark forces from the future. 
As the world is plunged into turmoil, Khalos and his link to the dreamscape is fought over by every side. Does he allow the machine from the future to awaken those in the realm of the dead? Does he follow the mystical Sisters and their quest to destroy the machine? And what about Ianthe, his wife and hidden servant of the machine and its worshippers?
In desperation, Khalos turns to the Sisters and begins his metamorphosis from human to a denizen of the dreamscape—where he came from before he was born. With his link to the dreamscape and its god, Watcher, Khalos journeys far from the woodlands and cities of his continent to the forests of the Sisters’ sanctuary, and finally to the snow and ice of the north pole to find a way to destroy the machine seeking the conquer them. On the way, he is captured by the Annukeim—alien servants of the machine—meets a girl who is dead, and befriends a gryphon from another world.
With this help, can Khalos end the machine’s domination once and for all?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scott Prussing

Why are you THE Next Favorite Author? My books have been enjoyed by readers of all ages, from 13-80. Fans love the humor, romance, suspense and magic.

What makes your book stand out from the crowd? My books stand out for their creativity and inventiveness. My Blue Fire Saga series begins with a bite from a grafhym (a one-fanged vampire I invented). I also created a race of supernatural vampire hunters called volkaanes, who slay vampires by means of magical blue fire inside them. The series also includes the last of a race of wizards called the waziri, a shape-shifting witch, a Necromancer and zombies, just to mention some of the magical marvels filling my books.

Scott Prussing was born in New Jersey, but was smart enough to move to beautiful San Diego, CA as soon as he received his Master's degree in psychology from Yale University. He is the author of the eight book paranormal romance Blue Fire Saga. In addition to Blue Fire Saga books, Scott also wrote Blue Fire Heat, an erotic companion piece to the Blue Fire Saga, and Blue Fire Beginnings, a collection of short stories recounting the origins of some favorite Blue Fire characters. He is also the author of the mystery/suspense novels Unturned Stones and Tangled Webs, the post-apocalyptic dystopian fantasy Anomaly, the fantasy/adventure novel Dreams of the Last Born, and the teen romance Mine: A Love Story.

Besides writing, Scott enjoys riding his bicycle at the beach, going to the movies, reading books of all sorts, hiking, and golf. He remains one of the few people in the United States without a cell phone.

Scott enjoys interacting with his fans and has placed many of them in his books as characters. Follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter:

Scott’s books are available on, Barnes&, itunes and Book One in the Blue Fire Saga, Breathless, is permanently FREE on all platforms. Here are the links for Breathless:


Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Release-Conquest

A primeval darkness threatens to destroy mankind...
The world's largest gaming platform in the entire industry is led by a man with many secrets. The popular game DarkForce features the World of Zion which has been plagued by the destructive will of the Leviathan for centuries. What gamers don't know is that the World of Zion actually exists, and the Leviathan has fed off of the souls of men and his fodder has become scarce. He now turns to Earth with an insatiable hunger. Only a woman from Earth who levels up to discover a divine inner power can challenge Earth's Apocalyptic Fate.

Book Genre:
Science Fantasy, LitRPG, Cyberpunk

Author Bio:
Aleric Elos is the Award-Winning Author of The SciFan™ Universe series. Known worldwide as the "Godfather of SciFan", he likes to play MMORPGs, and since he doesn't have the software engineering experience to develop his own games he decided to express his creativity in LitRPG form. 

Universal Book Link:

Follow Links: 



Shadows of Darkness

The voices in his mind were barely a whisper now, but they were always present. It had taken him hundreds of years to subdue them, and he feared that his true intentions would soon be discovered. Though Timur Demyan had long ago yielded up his soul unto the Leviathan, he still followed his own agenda while he fulfilled the will of his Master.
Timur hid in the shadows of the park, slipping through the darkness from one shadow to the next. His prey walked quickly with eyes darting to each side like a bird weary of predators. A frantic look of desperation was plastered over the other man’s unshaven face as he flipped open an antiquated cell phone.
“Come on…” he heard Jason Bridger murmur to the phone as he approached the fountain, “Answer already!”
“Allan, this is Jason. I know we haven’t spoken in a long time, but I need your help. I’ve stumbled across some disturbing information that involves one of your firm’s clients. I need to speak with you in private immediately. As soon as you get this, meet me on the east side of Buckingham Fountain. There’s little time.”
The instant Jason ended the call, Timur stepped out of the shadows, “Indeed, you have very little time.”
Jason spun around with his concealed pistol cocked and ready, “Back off, old man!”
“Ah,” Timur limped forward with his cane in his crippled right hand while he brandished a handgun with his left, “Not until you return what belongs to me.”
“I’m not letting you get away with this.” Jason shook his head adamantly.
“This scene is all too familiar.” Timur chuckled as he cocked his handgun and aimed, “This is exactly how your colleague died.”
Without a second’s hesitation, Jason pulled the trigger. Timur fell backwards with the sudden impact that hit him in the face. Seconds later a strange greenish glow surrounded his body, and then he disappeared. Jason’s eyes grew wide, and then a bullet ripped through his abdomen. And then another through his chest. Clutching the wounds, he absently dropped his pistol as he fell to his knees.
Timur reappeared from another shadow and the strange glow around his body began to dissipate. He approached with a silencer affixed to the tip of his handgun and picked up the old thumb drive that had fallen out of Jason’s hand.
“As I said earlier, you indeed have very little time.” Timur sneered as he placed the tip of his handgun against Jason’s forehead, “And I might add, your friend Allan has very little time as well.”

Thank you again Lucinda!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Kindle Scout Program-Guest Post

Kindle Scout is a golden opportunity for an author to get published by one of the most active publishers of our day, Amazon.

I think as writers we can all agree that to be favored by the largest search engine for books around would be a great advantage. With the Kindle Scout program, writers have a chance at that opportunity.

The Scout program also gives readers a chance to read new releases at no cost to them.  

For readers, sign-up is simple. You browse through a list of books that have never been published, look at their covers, read their excerpts, and then nominate the ones you think will make a good read. You’re allowed three books in your queue at a time. Remember, you don't have to have read them. You’re not expected to read them, of course, because they haven’t been published. But you will get a chance to 'look inside' and read a chapter or two, and then vote for the books you would like to see published.

All books remain on the site for 30 days. After that, they are taken down and you can choose another book to replace it so that you may always have 3 books in your queue. Or not. 

Should Amazon decide to publish the book you nominated, you will get a FREE COPY of that book!

This is one of the advantages for writers, because now you have a list of fans. Amazon will remind those readers to leave a review for your book.

Selected books will enjoy Amazon’s marketing. I think that’s something that we all covet in a way, to be featured on their pages.

To add to the advantage for writers, if your book is not selected for publication, Amazon will send a complimentary email to all your fans if and when you decide to self-publish on Kindle. 

The contract you sign with Kindle also allows selected authors a $1500 advance.

So, with that being said, I would like to introduce you to the book I have on Kindle Scout.


Following an ambush at the Upton Rail Station in 1921 Ireland, British troops burn Ailis’ home to the ground and arrest her fiancé, Liam, for murder. She and her younger brother Paddy flee to an enchanted glen. Lured by a haunting song, Paddy is abducted by forest folk. Perilous obstacles, and a questionable stranger, hinder Ailis' attempts to find her brother or free her fiancé, until her only hope for survival rests on the magic of the Fae.

You can find more of my work at my website:

Or on my Author Central Page on Amazon

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book Spotlight: Indigo Traveler


Xander Veh, 13, could see the secrets others hid from the world. He dreamed of going to the stars to find out why he had this gift. When his cat brings him a griffin encased in stone, a whole new world is opened up to him. A world where an Arimaspian giant is rampaging the lands, and they need someone like him. How can he stand up to a giant when he can’t stand up to the school’s bully? To save a world from war, Xander must learn the truth about himself.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mercedes Prunty

I write what my characters force me to write, they believe their stories need to be told and I am just the ink to the pen, to the paper that is commanded to document it.
What I enjoy the most about writing is the first draft, otherwise known to me as the dream draft. This is because the whole point of the dream draft is to basically write down all what I see in my mind, I write every last detail that my characters tell me to and at that stage it is just a dream, it’s not a solidly formed book or manuscript yet. I also think of it as the dream draft because quite often when I am writing it I will dream about my new story when I’m asleep, different scenes, character dialogues and epiphany’s to the plot will all materialize there. To me this draft is all about creating the world I want to portray, editing and filling in plot holes can happen in the second and third draft. (Yes I like to do that many because I want it to be the best, polished piece I can produce). Once these are all done it is no longer just a dream but a reality, a new world, a new book I have produced.

Mercedes Prunty is a mother, wife, author, blogger and lover of all things Fantasy and Zombie horror. She lives in East Sussex in the UK with her two children and her husband. She first trained to be a hairdresser before having her children and realizing writing was her passion on her maternity leave. Since then she has written and self-published four books; The Keeper of the Key, Alone, Lone and Junia. She is currently writing the final book in the Alone series and plan to have it published in August this year.
Where can we buy the books? Amazon, CreateSpace, Ebay.  (Link to one of my books Junia)
                How can we follow you on Facebook? (No more than 2 links) @MercedesPrunty
                What is your Twitter Handle? @MercedesPrunty
                Are you on GoodReads? Yes

                Your Website Address is:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Space travel

In my future fiction novels my characters are starting to colonize space. I have to think about how they get there and how they travel long distances. 
There have been so many stories with so many varieties of space travel It's going to be difficult to find a way to develop an engine that doesn't look like I'm copying someone else. 
I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head, but I would like to hear your thoughts.
How do you think Earthlings are going to expand into the Universe?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Release! Publish Promote Repeat

BUY Publish Promote Repeat!

New release is only .99 for a very short time!
I would love some honest reviews of this book!

Promotion is a process. There is no magic formula for selling books. Hard work and dedication are required to create, publish, and market a masterpiece.
This workbook guides you through a three-phased process of bringing your book to a broader audience. Following the steps outlined in this workbook will streamline your prepublication, publication, and post publication marketing process, delivering to you the potential to not only achieve, but maintain, an improved ranking in the sales market.

Friday, May 12, 2017


      Occasionally you might pick up a TROLL. These are people who do everything they can to harm your product by giving you a 1-star review. They will frequently create fake accounts to do this in order to hide behind a mask. Usually they are other authors who feel vindicated in giving 1-star reviews as revenge for poor reviews (or no reviews) on their work.

So, what do you do about a TROLL? Simple, ignore them! TROLLS are in it for the attention. The belief is any publicity is good publicity. When you respond to the TROLL it feeds the bad behavior.

I have used TROLLS to my advantage. Every once in a while I will pick up a TROLL on one of my posts. I take a screenshot of the comments and post it in one of my other groups (with a link to the book). This draws attention to the book and motivates purchases.

If the 1-star review seems to be generated from a fake account you can report it. You can also ask your writing community to report the review.

Sometimes the site removes the review, but this doesn’t always happen. Most readers know how to recognize a fake review.

            So, the best way to counteract the negative aspects of a bad review is to:

1.       Improve/fix your writing.

2.      Gather as many reviews as possible so readers can assess the value of each review.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book Spotlight: Kaschar's Quarter
Matthieu Sartonné thinks he knows precisely where life will take him. However, like the rest of the world, he is not prepared for what will come next.

Decades of fear and hatred have spilled over from the nearby city of Cyrnne. The armies of the Evangelical Brethren march under the sign of the falling star, destroying all in their path and bringing with them a deadly sickness unlike anything the world has ever seen. Heilicon, the cradle of Matthieu’s every ambition, is the first city to fall. It will not be the last, but if Matthieu is to see any conclusion to this war, he must escape by any means he can.

He sets out into a larger world that owes him nothing and will never let him stay in one place for long. But he is not alone in his yearning for a better world. Along the way, he meets plunderers, refugees, islanders, sailors, zealots, a reluctant prophet, and a family he never knew he had. Will one of these be able to give him the peace he seeks, or are they merely imperfect men like himself? Are they even real?

All he knows anymore is that some power wants him to stay alive; only time will tell if that power is God or simply his own will to survive.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Social Media Checklist

New social media sites are cropping up all the time. As an author you need to analyze the benefits and drawbacks to each site and decide where you need to invest your energy. The following list of social media sites is not all inclusive. Add the social media accounts you find most helpful in the blank squares. Also, arrange them in the order you find the most effective. Some platforms are more helpful than others based on genre and audience. 

Social Media Platform
Author Page (On all book distribution sites)
Linked in


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kathryn Troy

Why are you THE Next Favorite Author?
I’m the Next Favorite Author because I’m writing books I want to read-fantasy, horror, romance. And I don’t think I’m alone.
What makes your book stand out from the crowd?

There are lots of genre authors out there – crafters of fantasy, horror, weird tales and gothic fiction. But how many have a master’s degree in it? Two masters, at that? I spent a lot of my academic training up to my eyeballs in the darker side of history – reading about beasts and witches, devils and monsters, in a million iterations all over the world. My nonfiction book, The Specter of the Indian: Race, Gender, and Ghosts in American Séances, 1848-1890, (being released by SUNY Press in September 2017) kept me for years among records of people of all classes that believed themselves to be haunted.
                        Looking for patterns, deeper meanings, and thematic connections is the most interesting part of a historian’s job. Especially one with interests like mine. Translating my background into fiction has been very liberating, because it can have a foundation in the most fascinating aspects and details of the strange and supernatural, without being constrained by that history. If anything, it can be a starting-off point, a place where I find amazing concepts. At the same time, I respect those deeper histories and folklores, and strive for a mood in my work that is authentic and takes the basis of my stories seriously. I believe that makes for more compelling fiction than the sort of loose-and-fast cobbling together of Wikipedia facts that are unfortunately all too common.
                        That sensibility informed by portrayal of vampires and hybrids in A Vision in Crimson, and continues to inform all my works, the number of which is steadily growing. The sequel to A Vision in Crimson, Dreams of Ice and Shadow, is almost completely polished, Up from the Bog is coming along nicely, and Notes from the Undead is waiting on yet another round of revisions. Vampires are some of my favorite things, so my fiction naturally gravitates towards them as a featured species, but I love werewolves just as much, so once some of my headspace gets cleared, they’re next on my agenda. And if there wasn’t at least one book about séances in my future, I’d think all my student loans were for nothing.

Give an about the Author Blurb:
I’m an A-type Personality, so there’s a list of hats that I wear. In no particular order, they are: writer, history professor, baker, wife, mother, gamer, avid reader, film aficionado, Francophile, blogger, gourmand, world traveler. I’m sure I’m leaving some out.

Provide Links:
How can we follow you on Facebook?
Your Website Address is:

Monday, May 8, 2017

Inside the Mind of a Monster

What makes something monstrous?
Is it because it doesn't think like you?
Write a story from inside of the head of the monster.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Four Steps

The best piece of marketing advice I have for writers is to provide a quality product for your audience.
Once you have created a book it is now time to prepare the manuscript for publication. The best advertisement you have for your book is the actual work itself. Providing your readers with a polished product will show them you care about their experience. Reviewers won’t mention professionally polished works, but they will discuss issues with editing, proofreading, format and lack of polish.

There are four steps to finishing your novel and preparing it for publication after you finish writing the story.

Step 1: Edit: Looking at the deeper issues in a text: Story structure, Point of View, Passive Voice, dialogue, continuity issue, etc.

Step 2: Proofread: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Sentence structure

       Step 3: Format: Margins, Font, spacing, links

       Step 4: Polish: Final read through to look for minor issues