Monday, December 5, 2016

Writing Prompt-Food

I had a sudden craving for a bologna and potato chip sandwich. This sudden craving made me think about the food my characters may crave.
So, after satisfying my craving, I thought I would ask: What does your characters crave? Did you have to create a food just for your world?
Share your creation with us.


  1. My character, Sakura, has some rather unique cravings. She's a fire/magma demigoddess and her body's metabolism and physiology is very different from a normal human's. Though she can taste and enjoy normal food, she needs to consume rocks to sustain herself. And just as humans need to eat a variety of foods to get the proper nutrition, Sakura needs to eat many different types of stone to get all the minerals and trace elements she needs. When she consumes a stone, she also gets a little flash of the rock's "life history". If she eats a piece of limestone, she may see the bottom of a sunny prehistoric sea with ammonites and giant marine reptiles swimming overhead. If she eats a chunk of basalt, she may see great fissures of lava erupting from the Earth. Because of this she has developed a taste for certain types of stone, preferring sedimentary rocks that give her images of exotic prehistoric worlds.

  2. I'm still developing the various Realms in my world, though two have fully solidified.

    For cravings, I'm going to focus on the main character - mostly because he's an interesting guy. He should crave the nectar and ambrosia-type foods the Nelesie (or "good" fae) prefer. However, because of his upbringing, he craves the special jerky and small ale the Melkreschen fighters are forced to subsist on.

    Even after he wins his freedom, he finds it difficult to eat anything else. He also is a spider-shift, so insects are a delicacy to him, which causes some interesting reactions later in the story.

    For a fuller description of the foods, and how common they are in each of the realms, you can find those answers on the Alterraden World Building section of here ( [Links scheduled to go live 4/10/2017]. I'm breaking the answer down by Realm, and will be adding to it as I get to develop more of the Realms.