Wednesday, December 28, 2016

World Building: Crime

Let's discuss crime and punishment.
What constitutes crime in your world?
Describe your world's justice system.


  1. Well, in my Tales of Cynings series (so far just one book of four novellas) it's a medieval society, so it kind of depends on the sensitivities of whoever is in charge. Hangings are common, and typically both the hangman and the condemned have their faces hidden by a black hood to prevent bystanders from feeling too sympathetic (and because it allows mistaken identity plot movements). There are prisons and dungeons as well, most often for temporary storage of prisoners, although in some cases prisoners are condemned to a lifetime of confinement. Prisoners of war are kept locked up in the capital, Fortadel, for the purpose of hostage exchange during wartime. Crimes punishable by death in my stories include stealing from a noble's garden, stealing items from the palace, and murdering a king. In one story taking part in a riot results in all people involved being arrested, but released after a few hours. I have not used non-lethal corporal punishment in any published stories yet, but I'm open to the idea of public whippings, imprisonment in stocks or gibbets, and severing of limbs as punishment for crimes such as petty theft, vandalism, and prostitution.

  2. Hoo boy, do you like asking the complicated ones, don't you? Let's see if I can lay this out in any type of order.

    Universal to all Realms

    Melkreschen Realm
    *Physically assaulting anyone outside the Arenas.
    *Reneging on a wager
    *Starting a political upheaval without the Ascenden Oligarma Matron's approval
    *Harming a Child (A Champion who has been called by the Web Mother to take on Her shape and oversee an Arena or serve in the Military as Her eyes and ears.)

    *Worshiping the Web Mother
    *Killing for sport
    *There are species specific crimes as well, which leads to a list too long to post in a single answer
    ***The most common, is being born the wrong shifter type

    For a complete answer, head over to the World Building section for here (post scheduled to go live 4/3/17 at midnight CST).