Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mike Miracle

I enjoy the ability to build worlds and create different characters. Painting that mental picture and then transferring it to the screen.
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Originally from the east coast, Mike and his family now reside on a farm in the Midwest. Mike was able to use his programming skills to start his own small business from home, where every day is casual Friday. Mike has always searched for ways to express creativity and imagination. Through music, art and now the printed word. Mike’s childhood love of science fiction has never been stronger. There are plenty of crime dramas in the office library, but science fiction still dominates.
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When this group of random hobos I’ve contracted to edit/distribute the book have completed their work, I’m told that it will be available at all usual places. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes. Hopefully in late January 2017. Depending on the reliability of said random hobos.
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