Monday, October 10, 2016

Writing Prompt-Innocence

When did innocence become synonymous with childlike or naïve?
Write a scene that breaks this trope.

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  1. She appeared young, at eight years old, but spoke with the confidence and knowingness of an adult as she advised me, "You cannot face Spirit without knowing why you are the way you. Do not underestimate me just because you think you cannot do the task I am setting out to."
    I felt like she slapped me across the face. "How do you know I underestimate myself?" I questioned. "You just met me."
    "No, Margaret. I've known you before you were born only you do not recognize me now.You never put your all into the work you wanted to do or the goals you set for yourself because there is just little voice deep down that nags at you saying you are not good enough or experience enough to accomplish this. And who are you to show the world how powerful you are?"
    Again, I took a step back. "Yes, I admit that is true. But how do you know? You are a child."
    "I maybe a child to you, but you deny that I look familiar. Before I came into this body, I was your father. I raised you until I died when you when you ten. You were bright and knew things like I do now. But you allowed others around you to believe those things were not for you to know. You closed that part of you down. I am now waking you up to come back to how you were before that life of mine died. I am now your step-daughter and I will be raising you the way your father would've. Just because I appear young, do not treat me like I am a clean slate. I am not. I have multiple lifetimes in the soul which I have full memory of."