Monday, October 24, 2016

Writing Prompt-Crime

How are criminals punished in your world?
Write a prison/punishment scene.

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  1. Punishments in Alterraden depend heavily on which Realm you're in. The Melkreschen punishments are either slavery or death, though slavery often ends in death. In the Leukreschen punishments usually wind up being much milder - exile from your family or settlement. There are a few that may result in lashings or public embarrassment from being in the stocks. Very rarely do the punishments in the Sunlits result in death (unless you are incapable of figuring out how to live with the land - which is probably why you were punished in the first place.)
    Punishment scene from Beslynx Spiritwalker: A Companion Novella.

    Oh, I could have murdered my baby brother that night, let me tell you. That one exchange set in motion the events that would see me leaving my home for good.
    I managed to survive the rest of the celebration, dodging the gossiper’s questions with practiced ease. But, now, speculation was running rampant beyond the gossipmonger’s circle about just why an adult woman was living in her sire’s house without a female to be his mate. It also raised the specter of just what my shift was. I had never proven myself in a hunt with the pack, nor had I ever been formally recognized as an adult member, though Dru, Fisk, and Bae all had their adult names. Drulap was actively courting a mate while Fiskar and Baelow focused more on completing their combat training. Both of the twins had dreams of aiding the pack with money earned through mercenary work. I knew that was not a wise choice, but we needed extra stock, and Finn was unable to weave enough of her special cloth made of donated fur to make the trip to the distant markets worthwhile regularly. Perhaps if I had been able to help her in the last year we could have had enough, and I would have missed Bowyer’s Equinox, but fate had other plans for me.

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