Monday, September 26, 2016

Found Stories:-Writing Prompt...

Writing prompt:
Tell a story about an item found in a Pawn Shop. How did it end up there? What's the story behind the owner? What energy is attached to the item?

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  1. After they read the will, I slowly approached the safe. Of all her possessions, this was the one I didn't want, and the one I'd gotten. There were more at the reading than I'd expected, so why did I get saddled with this enigma?

    Carefully, I tumbled the combination to open the thing. Just like she did any time she showed me where it was. Ever so slowly, I pulled the door open until I could see what was inside. That much was new. She'd always made sure I couldn't see before.

    When I saw the piles of colors - red, green, gold, silver, blues, yellows, and everything in between - I sank to my knees in surprise.

    With trembling hands I reached in to pick up the one thing that stood out - a stark white corner of paper. When it came free, tumbling her collection of expensive watches onto the floor with a rattle, I rolled to the side in shock. The office was quiet, and those metal bands hitting the hardwood floor sounded like gunfire. The same gunfire that had taken her life that day.

    When I finally realized there was something on the paper, my breath caught. I read the words, "Save Yourself," written in that thick, black ink from her favorite fountain pen I wanted to scream. Was she coming back from the grave to save me?