Monday, June 6, 2016

Writing Prompt

And you thought dragons didn't exist....

Alisya ducked under the flap of the tent and escaped into the hollow darkness inside. It wasn't much of a tent, khaki canvas draped over a tree limb and pegged to the ground with a series of ropes and sharpened sticks. it was barely enough to keep the rain away. She burrowed into the nest of pine needles she had used to create her bed. She was beginning to get used to the aroma of the woods and the rich loam of earth. This was going to be her home for a long time.
The woods were her last sanctuary from the hunters. Most of her kind lived in the mountains where they could hide away in the deep recesses of caves, but humanity had finally found a way to encroach upon even the darkest of hiding places.
Alisya wished she could rely on her human form to hide from the hunters, but, unlike most of her tribe, she still had difficulty holding her shape and every once in a while her true form would emerge. It had taken eons for her kind to evolve the ability to disguise their form  but every few centuries a throw-back like her would emerge. It could take her a life-time to learn how to control her ability to change but Elisya didn't want to wait a thousand years to learn how to hide in the world as a human. Some days she wished the hunters would find her. Death would be a welcome relief. At least she would have the chance to be reborn into a new form, one with the ability to control when and where it changed into its dragon form.

Your turn!