Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Will Greenway

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A non-pretentious writer who writes action fantasy that goes where literary and classic fantasy fear to tread.

I am a card holding, badge wearing, pen wielding officer of the point-of-view police!  When reviewing and critiquing I bug and cajole other writers to make it visual, to make it visceral, and to keep mystery alive by LIMITING that point of view.  Point of view is not really taught, but it is critical to making a story immerse the reader in the world. I am all about making the reader feel like they are a part of the story.  Every point of view switch, every time jump, each head hop is a jolt that risks ruining the writer’s contract with the reader’s suspension of disbelief.  It’s a spell we all strive to cast over our readers so they will enjoy our work… My quirk is that I take the spell seriously.

First published in 1983, Will Greenway started his creative career wanting to draw and script comics. After a number of years, he found writing better suited to his skills. Aside from writing and art, Will is a self-taught programmer, PC technician, and network troubleshooter. He enjoys skiing, racquetball, Frisbee golf, and is steadfast supporter of role-playing games. To date he has completed twenty-two novels more than dozens of short stories, and numerous articles on writing. He resides in the Spring Valley suburb of south San Diego.

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BOOK 01 - Shadow of the Avatar               https://amzn.com/B003Z0CUBY

BOOK 02 - Hecate's Bounty                          https://amzn.com/B003Z0D2BG

BOOK 03 - Aesir's Blood                                 - Complete - soon to release -

BOOK 04 - A Knot In Time                             https://amzn.com/B004PYDCUM

BOOK 05 - Anvil of Sorrow                            - Complete - coming soon -

BOOK 06 - Reality's Plaything                      https://amzn.com/B003XRE6DY

BOOK 07 - 'Neath Odin's Eye                       https://amzn.com/B00K79DAFQ

BOOK 08 - Eternal's Agenda                         https://amzn.com/B003Z0D34W

BOOK 09 - Savants Ascendant                    https://amzn.com/B003Z0CVKY

BOOK 10 - Infinity Annihilator                     https://amzn.com/B003ZHVEG4

BOOK 11 - Gaea's Blood                                                - In progress -

BOOK 12 - Who Mourns The Creator                       - In progress -

BOOK 13 - Child of Ascendants                                   https://amzn.com/B0053SGI0K

BOOK 14 - The Karanganoi Gambit                           - In progress -

BOOK 15 - The Chyrith Agenda                                   -TBD-    

BOOK 16 - Gaea's Revenge                                          -TBD-

BOOK 17 - The Infinite Child                                        -TBD-

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