Thursday, June 23, 2016

Christie M. Stenzel

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Award-winning author Christie M. Stenzel's goal is to write books that entertain readers and take them away from the tribulations of life!

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Writing and reading are my passions!  My dream to be a writer began, when as a five year old child I would ask my mother to write down the stories I would make up about talking dogs.

Since growing up and becoming further educated with a Bachelor's Degree in English (I have an affinity for classic literature), a certificate in Ultrasound, and soon to be, a Master's Degree in Leadership, I have begun to pursue that dream in hopes of one day making it my career.  I have many interests and ideas so my ultimate goal is to release works of fiction in multiple genres.  Fantasy will always be my first love however, as I have always had an intense imagination that threatens to inundate me if not expelled onto paper. 

Aside from writing, I enjoy physical activities like running and yoga.  I am blessed to have an amazing family, close friends and two beloved canine companions.

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