Monday, May 23, 2016

Writing Prompt

Tell about a time you (or your character) experienced a storm.

Here's mine:
The sky darkened just moments before the crash of thunder shook the roots of the house. Lights flickered in tune with the lightening brightening the horizon. Lucinda pulled the blanket closer around her body and curled up on the couch, watching her dog for signs of nervousness. Within seconds she could hear the attack of the hail against the metal roofing of her house. Tree branches flung themselves to the ground in protest of the assault of the wind and the rain. Nothing could be out on a night like this. She glanced towards the window just as another flash of lightening lit up the sky. She had to blink against the sudden shadow she saw. No one should be out in this storm yet she could clearly see the shape of a person standing outside her home. Yes, there he was, standing by the mailbox, staring at her house. The lightning flashed again but the figure didn't flinch. Her dog suddenly stood and stared at the door her hackles raised and a low growl rumbling in her throat. Lucinda reached over and pulled her Bible close, opening the book to a random page. The figure rushed towards the house but disappeared before he got to the front door. The dog stared for a few more seconds, then returned to the pillow she had claimed as her own.