Saturday, May 28, 2016

Promotions Report

First Promo: Here are the first week’s statistics.
After a week at King of the Hill 30 Days Streams of Consciousness: V. 2 A Haunting has the following statistics:
Total sales: 33 (only 18 more to go.
5/21/16: This is the starting sales rank
·        Amazon Best Sellers Rank:2,708, 686 Paid in Kindle Store

5/28: Current rank
·        Amazon Best Sellers Rank: 240, 277 Paid in Kindle Store

This campaign is working and I can’t wait to see the stats of the next King of the Hill game players, but we need to work hard to knock the current King off the Hill.
We have started Trending the hashtag #yournextfavoriteauthor through social media and hopefully the social media attempts will push our group members’ books up the ranks.

Here is the current King of the Hill book. Let's get it knocked off the Hill